Music is our main passion through which we want to convey emotion, good will and energy. A help in this regard is our vast and diverse repertoire, specially designed to please everyone. We love diversity, which is why we choose to tackle different musical genres in our concerts, thus broadening our horizons. We are open to new song suggestions and we like to face any musical challenge received. The pieces in the repertoire have been carefully selected and tested throughout our years of activity, so we hope you trust us in organizing the repertoire. The band name also symbolizes the fact that we can adapt our repertoire according to the theme of the event. We have in the repertoire pieces from different areas of the globe that we try to sing as authentic as possible but also to bring them into a more modern area. Do you have any guests who belong to another nationality? Perfect! We can dedicate a piece to them from the area they come from: Ireland, Russia, Serbia, Italy, Spain, Germany, Greece, Arabia etc. We like to experiment and have fun with the public. Each one of us has specialized studies and scenic experience, which gives us the assurance that the promised show will rise according to your expectations.


Choose Retro-J and be convinced that the entertainment part of your event will be covered. Music is the body and soul of any party.




Music is the divine way of telling beautiful and poetic things to the heart.


Pablo Casals