Can we choose the playlist according to our own preferences?


   Can you play songs other than those displayed on the site?


   Do you play in other cities?


   Is it possible to use the sound system for speeches or other bands / dj?


   What are the costs for a Retro-J show?


   Can we cancel the band reservation?


   Is it possible for one of the guests to sing with you?


   Can we see the band live before booking?


   Can you sing the song for the bride's dance?


   How long does it take to install the equipment and how long before do you need to get to the location?


   Do you have the sound equipment included in the price?



   Do you tighten the equipment as soon as you finish playing?



  Can you announce the important moments of the event?


   Do you have music between sets?



   Can you stay and sing extra if the event exceeds the time required?


   How do I book a show?


Of course, we are open to any suggestions. You can select your favorite pieces from our playlist and we will take care to arrange them accordingly. As for the entire repertoire, we would ask you to trust our experience of organizing the songs, because we know what songs the audience is standing on. The repertory will change as the show progresses according to those on the dance floor.

Obviously, we are adaptable and willing to face musical challenges. Please let us know your preferences ahead, so we can study them and add them in the playlist.

We sing throughout Romania and abroad if necessary. Travel costs are not required in the localities of Timiș county or in the localities that are within 100 km from Timișoara. For other locations, the cost of travel is 2 Lei / Km, and at a distance of more than 200 km, we will also need accommodation, considering that we will also sing during the night.

Of course, our microphones can be used for speeches or presentations. We are also happy to share our sound system with other bands / DJs. However, if they are programmed to play after the end of our performance, an additional cost will be added, because our technicians have to stay over the program.

The cost of a Retro-J show differs depending on the client's requirements and preferences. You can contact us anytime for more details. We are pleased to talk to you. If you want we can also meet for a coffee to discuss in a more friendly and relaxing environment.

Cancellation of the reservation is possible only before signing the contract and paying the advance of 10%. After signing the contract, the reservation can be canceled if necessary, but the advance will not be refunded back, because the date has been marked as reserved. However, it has never happened for a customer to cancel a reservation and we hope that this will not be the case in the future.

Yes, anyone who wishes can sing along with us. However, we would like to get in touch with you in time, in order to be able to determine the details related to the song, tone, etc.

Surely! We would be glad if you would pay a visit to our rehearsal room to meet us. You are also invited to our live concerts, which will be announced in advance on our facebook page. We like to work with our clients to get the best show ever.

We can sing whatever is required! We even have a playlist prepared with songs often used for bridal dance or with suggestions for this moment. If you have not chosen the song yet, you can let yourself be inspired by the songs already chosen by us, if not, you can send us the song chosen by you and we will play it. At the same time, our services also include two choreographers who are ready to create a special moment for you.

Our team needs about 2 hours and 30 minutes to install and for the soundcheck. For this reason, we must arrive four hours before the beginning of the event at the location to finish installing everything before the guests arrive. At the beginning of the event, everything will be arranged so that the guests can feel the atmosphere of the party from the very beginning.

At the moment our band does not have its own sound and light system. Instead, we've worked with many sound and lighting teams so we can recommend qualified and reliable people.



At the time of closing the program, only the band will gather their instruments in a subtle way. 

If needed, yes. Some of us are skilled actors being prepared for such moments. With us you have the complete package!

Of course! We have a wide playlist of cafe concerts which includes various genres of music: Latin, jazz, Bossanova, classical, film, etc. and various instruments: Piano, violin, accordion, whistle. Everything live! It is up to you to choose the preferred option. At the same time you can also opt for one of our team's DJs who are prepared with unique mixes of songs and repertoires perfect for any type of event.

We would love to stay extra if necessary!

You can make a reservation anytime you want, by phone or online. Before making a reservation, do not forget to contact us to make sure everything is clarified and refined. Retro-J is the right choice for you. With us the show and the fun are guaranteed! Do you trust that we can offer you the dreamy atmosphere and contact us.

 For better performance of the event we want to support you in organizing the Entertainment part and the artistic part. Below are some frequently asked questions we receive. If you have any further questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us. We are always at your disposal.




With love, Retro-J