The Retro-J band provides you with a complete entertaining moment. The live performances are complemented by the music of the exceptional DJs with whom our band collaborates and by our coffee concert program, so that the event rises to the highest standards. Our dancers will make sure that the dance floor stays full and will add extra energy and good cheer to the show. In short, Retro-J provides everything you need for an unforgettable atmosphere.


The Retro-J band holds 100% live concerts, perfect for any type of event: festivals, weddings, christenings, corporate parties, themed parties but also private parties.

Due to the experience gained during the years of activity and due to the rich repertoire, we can guarantee a full dance floor throughout the whole event. We are flexible and can easily adapt to your preferences so that the event can be raised according to your expectations. We are professionals artists and you can be assured that we will be helping you organizing the entertainment part of the event and we will support you throughout the whole event. We are always punctual and we treat our work professionally. We feel the best on stage and we offer a great atmosphere that will satisfy every age category. Give us the chance to offer you the best show ever at your event and we promise you will not regret it.



                   With love, Retro-J

Live Concert

In addition to our incendiary show, we want to offer our audience a lot of emotion. We love everything that music means and we put a lot of passion into what we do. We have a rich playlist, which can be customized according to your needs and the theme of your event. We offer sets of 50 to 60 minutes that can be extended if necessary. If you want us to stay on top of the program, we can add additional sets to your request during the event. We are open to suggestions and we look forward to work together.


The sound system

The sound engineers we work with provide a high-class sound system, capable of covering any kind of indoor or outdoor room. It will give our music clarity and highlight it in a professional way. If another band needs to use our sound system during your event, we will be happy to share it. 

The Lights


The light show is one of the essential elements for a successful show and party. The system of lights bends perfectly to the rhythm of the music and creates the desired atmosphere. We use a quality lighting setup that offers incredible visual impact. The light show is suitable for any type of indoor or outdoor room and is required for a complete show.

The Stage

We also have a stage that can be placed according to the room where your event will be held. This gives us greater visibility and the opportunity to provide an impressive visual effect. For more details please contact us.


If you want your party or your event to be exactly as you imagined, feel free to choose one of our professional DJs in our team. The DJ will easily adapt to your preferences and mix quality music in a unique playlist. 

Cafe concert

Our cafe concert program gives you the opportunity to choose the highest quality live background music, perfect for receptions, evenings or special moments during your event. You can express your preferences in terms of musical style, starting with classical music, jazz, r & b, and even retro Romanian music, but also in terms of instruments and band composition. We are here to help you with any advice you need. 

Thematic shows

We approach different genres of music from different corners of the world. The dress style is also detached from those times so that the offered show can be as authentic as possible. Do you want a show of Italian, Irish, Spanish, retro, disco, etc.? We are the best choice! 


Our dancers are here to maintain the energetic atmosphere and to bring your guests to dance. They will create an authentic choreography that you will love. They are full of enthusiasm which makes them very liked by the public. At the same time, their dance will make the show even better so that your event will be exactly as you expect. If you want to see them and dance with them do not hesitate to contact us.



Aveți nevoie de o coregrafie pentru dansul mirilor? Dansatorii din echipa Retro-J sunt bucuroși sa vă fie alături. Ei se remarcă prin profesionalism și experiență, fiecare din ei câștingând numeroase concursuri naționale și internaționale. Ei vă vor învăța o coregrafie care se va plia perfect pe personalitatea dumneavoastră, pentru a putea contura un moment unic și impresionant de dans. 


Concert folcloric

Sunteți în căutarea unui solist de muzică folclorică? Retro-J are soluția perfectă pentru tine. Din echipa Retro-J face parte și o solistă de muzică populară care vă poate încânta solo dar și alături de o trupă. Dacă aveți întrebări legate de repertoriu sau prestanța scenică, vă putem pune în legatură directă cu aceasta pentru a vă putea lămuri.

The Retro-J band is offering a complete entertaining moment. Live music, impeccable sound with an impressive light show, so that the created atmosphere is going in the audience's heart. The live performances are completed by the music of the exceptional DJs with whom our band collaborates and our coffee concert program, so that the event can be as its highest standard. Our dancers will make sure that the dance floor stays full throughout the whole event  and they will  add some extra energy and good cheer to the show. Retro-J offers everything you need for an unforgettable atmosphere.